All Natural Coconut String Lights
All Natural Coconut String Lights
All Natural Coconut String Lights
All Natural Coconut String Lights
All Natural Coconut String Lights

All Natural Coconut String Lights

$60.00 USD $120.00 USD

Spruce up your living room, outdoor garden space, or even your dining room table with these Moroccan-inspired coconut lights. These lights are purposely hand-carved to create circular shadows on your walls. 

The all natural coconut lights can add some Moroccan-Asian inspiration to your curated space. Each coconut is locally sourced in South Thailand.

Each string of lights come with six coconuts and easily detachable tops for hassle-free installation of light bulbs. Light bulbs are included in each order and are compatible with USA, Canada, Mexico, and Japan sockets.

Dimensions: Length: 32" | Circumference: 12" 
Material: 100% Coconut Shell
Handmade In: South Thailand 

We sourced these coconut lights from a sweet Thai woman in her early 40s from a market in South Thailand. Her husband has been making these string lights for the past seven years and it has become a main source of income for their family. 

Each item sold by Department of Artisans employs an equal profit-sharing model.

Simply put, we make as much as our artisans do. The average split for each product is 40% artisan contribution, 40% DOA contribution, 20% importing + shipping fees. This means, our profits are the same as our artisans and we don't mark-up our prices like traditional retailers.

The 40% artisan contribution goes towards the cost of materials, the maker, and the project manager. The 40% DOA contribution goes towards marketing + operating expenses, and community initiatives. The 20% importing + shipping fees is paid out to each country during the exporting/importing process.

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