Social Impact

Department of Artisans

Founder, Carmen Tsang (right) with our artisan community in Vigan, Ilocos Sur, Philippines

Creating Opportunity

We are focused on creating opportunities for artisans all over the world. We mentor those who wish to become entrepreneurs and provide a unique platform for those wanting to expand their current business. Department of Artisans markets global artisans and helps establish consistent demand for their unique crafts. 

Sustaining Traditional Craft

We have a passion for culture and craft. In today's fast paced and changing world, we often find ourselves always looking forward, but we encourage people to explore history through traditional design, which captures the lives and tells stories of their creators. There is beauty in techniques that have been refined over hundreds of years with little influence from high tech tools. Our effort is to preserve these traditions and crafts while promoting the artists behind them. 

Leadership Empowerment + Education

Department of Artisans empowers creators to continuously build and develop their business through providing on-going mentorship. From business strategy to creative direction, we offer to help refine their craft to better meet today's demands. This is at the core of our business as we are only as successful as the artisans we work with. 

Reinvesting in Our Artisans

We continuously support business development and want our artisans to thrive. Our goal is to keep working towards bigger and better things; investing in local initiatives with various scale. We have an equal profitability model meaning we only make as much as our artisans do and set aside a portion of sales to reinvest back into the lives of our artisans.