Marble + Copper Beaker Vase
Marble + Copper Beaker Vase
Marble + Copper Beaker Vase
Marble + Copper Beaker Vase

Marble + Copper Beaker Vase

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Using innovative technology, this vase is created with 100% upcycled crushed limestone. In collaboration with Altum, an organization focused on using sustainable technology, we have designed a collection of large, bold copper vases.

This light-weight vase is not only bold with copper accent but also bold in size. Whether it’s a statement center piece for the dining room table or a subtle accent piece in the corner of your kitchen, this piece will sure start a conversation. The bottom portion of the vase is finished with a marble pattern while the top is dipped in copper.

Dimensions: 13.5" H x 7.25" DIA
Material100% Crushed Limestone
Handmade InMakati, Philippines

From the Phillipines to your doorstep.

Based in Makati, Philippines, Altum is a true pioneer in using sustainable technology. Since it's inception in 1983, this organization has been an industry expert when it comes to ethical business practices. Altum uses only scrap materials, each product is created through sophisticated technology invented by their very own team. With 30 years of experience, they have created countless jobs for artisans in their city and have even created their own community built specifically for their artisans. With this community, artisans have a place to live (for free), schools were built for their children, and scholarships are given every year to students in need. All of these things were created with the focus to increase their livelihoods and quality of life.

Innovative Materials

What made us fall in love with Altum was their innovative technology and zero-waste design integrity. Each material is made of scraps with sophisticated technology invented by their very own team.


These one-of-a-kind pieces are made of non-timber forest debris, recycled wood, and an exclusive water-based binding agent. 


Using recycled paper scraps, these pieces are a testament to their drive for innovation. Its design-friendly quality makes it a great alternative to traditional raw materials.


Derived from crushed limestone, they are able to turn design into a piece of art. It's material is both robust and versatile.


Smooth modern finishes can be achieved with this polymer material, meticulously hand-casted for luxurious finishes. 

Altum's Sustainable Committment

Their commitment to sustainability is profoundly impactful and mirrors our efforts towards creating a sustainable future. 

Sustainable Raw Materials

Agro-forest debris is used as raw material for products with proprietary water-based odorless binder. Absolutely no cutting of trees.

Energy Efficient

Altum is committed to increasing their energy consumption efficiency by using bio-fuels for semi-mechanized production machines and upholding the Green Procurement Policy. 

Sustainable Production

Majority of the production are made by hand with very minimal use of ground water. Products are dried using natural air + heat from the sun.

Solid Waste Management

A waste monitoring segregation system is in place with a materials recovery program which is also implemented to maximize resource-use. 

Each item sold by Department of Artisans employs an equal profit-sharing model.

Simply put, we make as much as our artisans do. The average split for each product is 40% artisan contribution, 40% DOA contribution, 20% importing + shipping fees. This means, our profits are the same as our artisans and we don't mark-up our prices like traditional retailers.

The 40% artisan contribution goes towards the cost of materials, the maker, and the project manager. The 40% DOA contribution goes towards marketing + operating expenses, and community initiatives. The 20% importing + shipping fees is paid out to each country during the exporting/importing process.

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